Jan 31 open meeting of the Environmental CouncilEdit

Opening remarks and introduction of President NeuhauserEdit

Greg Delanty

Presidents remarksEdit

Jack Neuhauser

Introduction of student/staff/faculty organization representativesEdit

Confirmed speakersEdit

Caroline Crawford - Marketing

Confirmed speakersEdit

  • Connor Driscoll - Green SMC
  • Valerie Banschbach - Biology
  • Johanna Wildnauer - Environmental Council?
  • Dan Sandberg - Wilderness
  • Doug Green - Environmental Science - Focus the Nation
  • Mark Hagerstrom - Recycling
  • Laurie Gagne - Peace and Justice
  • Owen Glubiak - Environmental Council - Executive Board Student Association

Subject to confirmationEdit

  • Dave Cutler - Physical Plant
  • Fr. Mike Cronogue
  • Gary Duffy - Electrical Shop
  • Hank Strashnick


  • Reza Ramazani

Focus the NationEdit

Link to broader program

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